Brighter horizons

Brighter horizons

An untimely fall may have slowed 80 year old David Apps down but he's still shooting for the stars - and getting results. 

The former theatrical agent, whose book of contacts at his professional peak included the likes of Dusty Springfield, The Rolling Stones and Tom Jones, is still learning new tricks and keeping up with the trends. 

Having been accidentally pulled over three years ago by his much-loved Alfie (now 12) and after a prolonged hospital stay, David was left without the mobility he had always enjoyed. 

Recovery was hard, but he and his wife Jane, also 80, have hailed the encouragement and friendship provided by the Brightwater At Home team as being a key component in helping to get their lives back on track. 

"When I first left hospital I was told that transferring myself in and out of a car would be too difficult for my wife and I to manage by ourselves but our Brightwater Occupational Therapist Zain had other ideas. And he was right, with a bit of work, we learnt how to do it, first using a sliding board and now I don't even need the board," David said. 

It was also with Brightwater's help that David was able to get his electric wheelchair in time to go on a cruise, the first holiday the couple had dared to take after his injury. 

Keeping mobile is really important for David who continues to work in the entertainment industry, producing a weekly program for community radio station 89.7FM (commonly knowns as Twin Cities). 

He's also not letting his injury get in the way of doing what he loves - watching great performers do their thing on stage. 

"We're off to see José Carreras and Adele at the end of Februrary - we're really looking forward to it," David said. 

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