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They say life is full of possibilites. Unless something unfortunate happens to greatly reduce those possibilities. Even then, those remaining possibilities shrink; unfamiliar circumstances have a sinister way of preventing even ordinary dreams coming true.

Many members of the Brightwater family are dealing with the reduced possibilities of their own lives due to the consequences of ageing, Huntington’s disease, neurological conditions, disability or an acquired brain injury.

Thanks to the support of generous donors Brightwater clients and residents can realise some of their own dreams – some of life’s possibilities.

It might be something small, like fish and chips by the sea with a special friend, or something more indulgent like celebrating your 40th birthday with a horse drawn carriage ride through Kings Park, or something seemingly impossible, like flying to New Zealand to meet your first grandchild.

Your donation will be used to support any of the programs below.

R M Harken Gift

This gift provides for the socialisation and wellbeing of clients and residents – individuals and groups – to enjoy outings, in-house events, new programs and experiences. Examples include birthday parties and outings, dance lessons, attending a concert or a footy match, or enjoying a river cruise.

Family Connections

This program supports Brightwater clients to restore family links that can so easily be challenged, weakened or even severed after illness or injury, especially for people from regional areas of WA.

It helps clients overcome distance and other practical obstacles that are an obstruction to the precious relationships we all take for granted.

Examples of previous Family Connections applications include the hire of a bed and hoist to enable Jasmine to stay overnight in her family home with her husband and two young daughters for the first time since her stroke and Tyson’s road trip to his Wheatbelt hometown with a Disability Support Worker for the first time since his post-concussion stroke.

Gift of Joy

This program is a way for someone who has come into residential care at Brightwater to say thank you to the family member or friend that has been caring for them, and perhaps even had to make the hard decision to relinquish the caring role to Brightwater.

It might be a meal for a couple who have been caring for an ageing child whose care needs increased as their ability to care reduced, or a big bunch of flowers, chocolates and a movie voucher for a carer who is no longer able to look after their life partner fulltime after the onset of Huntington’s disease, dementia or acquired brain injury.

Residents' Christmas Party

Everyone deserves to share in the festive spirit of Christmas. That’s why we recently committed to holding an annual group-wide Christmas celebration for any of our residents who wanted to come along. The inaugural 2015 event comprised two sumptuous high tea sittings for our older residents and a street carnival themed party for more than 400 clients aged 18-90 at the South of Perth Yacht Club.

Pride & Vanity

This program helps Brightwater clients and residents rediscover the simple joy of feeling good about themselves – from the outside in.

They learn about reconnecting with their individual identity, the importance of self-esteem and how it links with physical appearance and pride, personal grooming, clothing and styling choices, the benefits of op shopping and getting together for an outing with others.  

Participants’ improved self-esteem converts to joy for their family, friends and the staff who care for them, creating an untold ripple effect of positivity and growth.


A Moment in Time

Many of our residents and clients have few photographs of themselves during happy times to leave for family.

A Moment in Time allows them to gather with family and friends on a special day to make happy memories that are captured in an enduring image.

It begins with the excitement of choosing an outfit followed by a day of pampering to look their best, culminating in a fun, relaxing photo shoot with those dear to them.

The resulting photos are cherished by many in the Brightwater family, from our residents and clients, to their family and friends, and our staff with whom they form close bonds over the years.


Giving Back

Giving Back was born from the simple human need to give back to our community, especially if we have been forced to depend so much on others for a time. It’s a way to say thank you.

Brightwater clients and residents, many of whom are emerging from an intense period of being cared for and rehabilitated by others, can fulfil their urge to ‘give back’ by volunteering their time at a range of external organisations, matched to their abilities and skills.

Examples include a 32-year-old stroke victim who speaks to school groups about the dangers of drug use from personal experience, a community house resident who spends four days of the week volunteering for the Salvation Army and People Who Care, and a young plasterer who received an ABI in a motorbike accident has returned to his former workplace one day a week.

Holiday Program

Brightwater will holds two annual 2-3 day camps at Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra for 15-20 residents and clients, and their support carers.

These camps give our clients a chance to participate in interesting creative workshops and unusual physical activities like rock climbing and abseiling. They can also socialise and enjoy a holiday-like atmosphere outside the normal confines of their Brightwater residences.

These experiences are a fitting reward for the sometimes gruelling daily rehabilitation some of our clients are involved in, providing rich memories and experiences by fostering independence. And who doesn’t enjoy a minibreak?

This program, helps pay for accommodation, meals and transport for the client and their support carer will help clients fully enjoy their experience, even it’s just to be there as a friend or mate.







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