Research - Brightwater Care Group

Established in 2011, the Brightwater Centre is dedicated to identifying key research opportunities, researching and piloting projects that will contribute directly to improving the lives of people who require support. The foundations for this centre were not built on traditional methods but rather shared ideas, expertise, passion and commitment to making a difference.


Our research foucs is currently in the following areas:

  1. Ageing and Dementia
  2. Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  3. Survey and Evaluation

The Brightwater Centre actively seeks out opportunities to work with Universities, providers, students and staff to apply research outcomes to our core business with the express aim to improve care delivery to our residents and clients.


NHMRC Partnership Centre - Dealing with cognitive and related functional decline in the elderly

Brightwater is one of four industry partners working the the National Health and Medical Research Centre to form a Partnership Centre dealing with cognitive and related functional decline in older people.

This is the first of six new Partnership Centre initiatives and brings together industry partners Brightwater, Alzheimer's Australia, HammondCare and Helping Hand.

The Partnership Centre aims to deliver and disseminate research-informed change and important health and health care services improvement by bringing together researchers, policy makers, service providers and health and aged care workers in an applied research program. Important to the success of the research of the Partnership Centre is its alignment with the delivery of care and improved quality of life for people in need.

To read more about the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre please visit their website.


The Brightwater Lyn Beazley Scholarship

Brightwater has been fortunate to receive a generous donation to establish The Brightwater Lyn Beazley Scholarship as a result of Professor Lyn Beazley receiving the Governor's Award for Giving. To take advantage of this scholarship and the emerging interest into how the brain regenerates, Brightwater's aim is to investigate the science behind the regeneration that takes place in the brain as a direct consequence of the Oats Street program.

To do this Brightwater is engaging young, local scientists through what is hopefully an ongoing scholarship to support research into this area. Using the donation plus a matching donation from the Southern Districts Rotary Club, Brightwater has established the inaugural Brightwater Lyn Beazley Scholarship with the school of Psychology at UWA.